You walk into your favorite coffee shop and today they ask you if you’d like to register for a loyalty card.

All they need is your name & phone number.

On the way back you stop for groceries and run into that person whose been trying to ask you out.

All they want is your name & phone number.

It’s finally time to sell that stuff in your closet on Craigslist but at the end of the ad, it asks you to

enter your phone number so buyers can contact you directly.

You need Dialbox

Dialbox gives you the power to rent inexpensive numbers to use for as long or as little as you need.

Next time you sell something online, manage a property for real estate, get asked out on a date, or sign up for text alerts on your favorite loyalty program, give them a number specially for them.

And... at any time, just change it, turn it off or rent another number - you can have up to 100!

Also for you Ex-Pats, you can buy a number from your country to better keep in touch with everyone back home.

This way your friends and loved ones can call you as much as they want at No Cost to Them and you end the hassle of calling cards.

Each number comes ready to go with calls, voicemail, and texting, and is set to use the momment you buy it.

No App, No Settings, No Nothing... Just Buy it and Start Using it